• Denzel Fleming

Showing Up in the Digital Age

Fans, Sometimes showing up for our friends is like us being a fan of them-- we are a fan of them. We are a fan of their being, artistry (as them), messages they choose to communicate, communities they represent, and more. We're all doing something in this world that's worthy of praise. Personally, I like to use the "love" reaction on Facebook when I see some of my friends' work. When I read “love is hard work” it’s understood (to me) we will face moments when we are challenged. The challenge, though, is not between people, but systems of belief.

Love feels like an increase in productivity within ourselves. It looks like us when we discover a new curve on our body, on our face, on our head...

Love sounds like verbalizing what we really mean and standing on it. It also sounds like a peaceful negotiation when both parties have each other’s benefit in mind.

When we’ve done it— love, I mean— enough for ourselves then loving others is experienced as loving who we are.

Don’t believe me? Try using the love button instead of just liking this post. Work is required. The result is love in motion.

Friends, Here's a word. Understand, we are all friends in the grand scheme of things. Me? I'm always for us. I'm always for the uniting of us. I'm that confidant T.D. Jakes was talking about in the video below.

Artists, I have something in store for us. Understand, we are all artists. We desire support. We desire a platform. We desire (and that's okay). We're going to get all we want and it's going to come... in due time. In the meantime, hold it down. Let's keep creating that life which was pre-destined. Let's keep walking in our Truth and upholding ourselves to our principles.