• Denzel Fleming

Purple Tears: Rebirth Day with Marl3yWrld Marko

Sitting outside of what was Greater Cleveland Church on Lansing Drive, Marl3yWrld Marko and I had a chance to catch up after being away from each other for a while. I was first introduced to him through Earth/ Clouds. It was my first time going to Atlanta and I just so happen to be able to ride with one of the greatest lyricist in the genre of (what I call) Spiritual Trap-- cause that's what it is. I was able to listen to some of his older music such as "Number to Heaven," "1800-ONLY-FWB" and unreleased tracks. What stood out to me most was his subject matter and the matter of time he could 'cook up' a hit record. This was a time when I was really on a spiritual journey. Yes, I was where I wanted to be (in life), but I wasn't too sure of where my life was going to go. While riding with him, I really didn't care where we went because I knew all of us were solid. We were on our way to what some call "Hotlanta." This photograph pretty much sums up what I was experiencing. Little did I know that would be the last day I would see Jigg Marley.

Lowkey, during this interview with Marl3yWrld Marko for our July Issue of Pixel Pushas, I thought about how I relate to his story-- his story of spiritual growth. We know we have to experience some things, but we didn't know we'll have to feel so much. You know? For all of our lives we will feel for others as long as we can feel ourselves.

Emotions defined is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Those conversations we have with ourselves become therapy later. Marl3yWrld Marko treats himself with music, food and geniune love for his people. Read More About Him Here:

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