• Denzel Fleming

Like Father, Like Son

Video submitted by Denzel Fleming [featuring mural work by The Artist Bloc (TAB) Team]

Wild and unpredictable. To understand this meaning is to understand Kiiba, mixing introspection and conscious street tales with hard-hitting metaphors and vivid imagery, tying in an evolving production palette to fit his sound, whether it's gritty lo-fi, 90's boom-bap inspired, soulful yet reflective, or modern, high-energy trap-influenced soundscapes.

We had a conversation with Kiiba at the Black Elm Street event that hosted on June 21 by the Haus of Lacks and we asked for his experience with it:

"The Black Elm Street event is an event that was needed in our community and I'm grateful for it in every way. It's truly a renaissance and a celebration of the arts in Greensboro and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it and I'm grateful for every person that was involved whether they were performers, organizers, etc. I love every minute of it! I got to freestyle and perform with my father too on Father's Day so that was a bonus and one of the greatest feelings you can have. People got to see two generations of the same caliber kill everything once they were on stage.."

Recently, Kiiba has been taken time to perfect his craft for his next projects at hand; one being an EP entitled "blackout.," a project which would take a look into one's mental health as they would fall into a downward spiral.

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