• Denzel Fleming

Get to Know "nonotwashington" aka 252DEEP aka the Hot Chocolate Poet aka Denzel Fleming

Whatever you want to call him, be sure to mention creativity. Denzel Fleming is an artist making moves in the Greensboro community by way of Eastern North Carolina (Kinston, NC and Jacksonville, NC).

Wait... why am I speaking in third person?

It's me. I'm Denzel. This time, I'm introducing you to who I am in a blog post. Before we get into why I'm writing, listen to this song and watch the video to get an idea of who I am.

Perfect! You're still with us. It's amazing how-- when given the opportunity-- people let their minds wander away from people instead of finding ways to stay connected. The difference between me and "the masses" is I find ways in. After having to navigate life on my own (pretty much), I've picked up a few interesting habits to cope with being to/with myself. In the classroom, my educators would describe me as disruptive, talkative, intelligent and someone who could easily build rapport with others. Childhood proved to be my most challenging years as I was considered someone with behavior issues. I'm now understanding, this whole time, I was frustrated with not being challenged enough. Academics was easy. Social skills... easy. Art? That was challenging considering I was shown the works of Jacob Lawrence, Pablo Picasso, Jay-Z, Shakespeare and Andre 3000. Art required me to tap into a certain part of my brain in order to produce. When we're taught linear thinking in the classroom and had to switch to non-linear... that was the issue. It was an issue until I started to practice drawing, sketching and writing (poetry/ rhymes) after finishing in-class assignments. That was it... I figured out how to be an artist... fundamentally. I had to take care of what was priority as soon as possible so I could focus on creating what was considered impossible. AG classes, skipping grades, creating, sharing and exploring... Right... I didn't skip class. I skipped grades. The foundation of my life as a young artist. I'm writing right now so people can at least begin to understand who I am. I want people to start to begin to understand who I am because I don't want to be in a box. I'm not dead yet and I refuse to go out without being properly recognized as someone who can do all things because he said he could. That's not just being a man of many words, but being a man of my word. I'll see y'all in a few.